Find out More about Bilbao and Its Nearby Areas and Villages
Basque Country is famous for many things. It is known for its history, its citizens’ mentality, its sport teams and other significant, or not, stuff. But the countryside and the landscape of the area are surely one of a kind, making the nearby villages and towns extremely lovely and majestic.

It is rare for a place to offer sea activities and strolls and mountainous attractions as well. However, Bilbao has the honor to offer both. Grab a beverage and go for a walk to the Playa de Azkorri, a beauteous beach ideal for a visit regardless the season and the weather. For those who seek seashore villages and cities, San Sebastian will definitely satisfy them. San Sebastian is a small town near the French borders that offers a fantastic U-shape sea beach, ideal for swimming, relaxing and strolling. It is literately located on the edge of the city and the piratical scenery with the islets in the gulf of the beach will justify your selection to go there. Moreover, some splendid villages are also ideal for an excursion. Durango is a village less than half hour from the center of Bilbao and a perfect place to feel the ultimate serenity. Get lost in its paved paths and admire medieval walls, churches and buildings, while listening to the sounds of the waterfalls that spring there. West of Bilbao is another city, lovely as well. It is called Santander and it may capture your senses, with its nice beach inside a small bay and its seashore pedestrian area.

Generally, the whole area is full of locations that may make you feel calm, peaceful and untroubled. Sea place or highlands will have the same power on you. Please find the time and the mood to discover Basque Country’s beauties and one thing is for sure: You will not regret it!