Easy to Come, Easy to Leave, Transportation in Bilbao
Bilbao happens to be the biggest city of the Basque Country and the most popular as well, attracting a lot of tourists. Fortunately, the local authorities have developed a very reliable network that serves the city and an even more comfortable public transportation system to circulate in it. By air, by ground or by sea, Bilbao is surprisingly approachable.

The easiest way to come in Bilbao is by air. The Bilbao Airport is the most important airport of the northern Spain and the most imposing, since it was designed by the famous architect, Santiago Calatrava. Except for its wonderful appearance, it is a hub airport for several airlines, such as Vueling and Iberia, while a lot of other significant airlines include it in their main destination list. Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines, Swiss, KLM and other main air carriers operate in Bilbao Airport’s Terminal, while many charter or seasonal flights contribute to the unbelievable (4,000,000) number of passengers’ arrivals/departures. Bilbao is also equipped with extensive railway and road network. The Bilbao-Abando is the main and most important train station of the city, connecting it with the rest of Spain. The station serves national railway lines, regional rail services, commuter rail systems and rapid transit systems of Metro Bilbao and Bilbao's Tramway. The public transport system is also well organized, with buses, micro-buses metro lines and trams. As a matter of fact, the inner-town bus network has won a prize for its efficiency and quality of service. Despite of having such an amazing public transportation network, many people in Bilbao choose cars for their transportation. Nobody could blame them though, since the road network is also very extensive, reliable and sometimes majestic, judging from the 13 bridges connecting opposite sides of the rivers that cross the town. The last years, ferry companies operate in Bilbao’s Port, connecting the city with other commercial ports of United Kingdom, France and Ireland.

More than 6 million visitors choose Bilbao as a must-seen destination and they finally find out how easy is to arrive in that wonderful city. For those who keep circulating in the streets and boroughs of the city, the pleasure remains till the day of their departure!